Thank You for the Feedback. Now Let’s Rock and Roll!

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It took us over a month, but we are finally there: we’ve revamped our site based on the feedback from our early adopters, as well as some mentors, curious folks, and serious investors. Here are some of the exciting changes we are introducing:

We have reconceived our landing page entirely. Be sure to check it out here. We hope you like it as much as we do!

  1. We’ve revised our content, mostly by simplifying it and making it more personable and more accessible for our users. We want you to enjoy browsing through our site without getting a headache.
  2. Due to a number of proposals we have received to finance creepy strip malls, we are now making explicit our formerly unspoken focus: our mission is to promote healthy urban development by financing innovative, green, and transformative projects (hence the “Ground Breaker”!). So please, stop spamming our inboxes with proposals to work on ugly boxes. They’re just not our cup of tea.
  3. Since our current capacity does not allow us work on every project we like, and not every project we like needs financing, we will be showcasing projects that we find exciting, adventurous, and innovative. We think this approach is a step in the right direction, since our mission goes beyond just financing projects: we are about urban improvement.
  4. Now that we’ve gotten the invaluable feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and users in our network, we are opening our site to those emerging real estate innovators and urban visionaries that will benefit the most from our incubator program, which is our core focus. We will keep our users posted on how this program evolves, as we continue to add new features and benefits in the upcoming months. In the meantime, we welcome all of those who want to showcase their real estate projects and ideas, and those who are trying to get them financed, to contact us.

So, make sure you visit our site and check out the groundbreaking projects that we will be posting in the upcoming days. We are just getting started. Let’s rock & roll!