GroundBreaker 2.0: What Our Power Trio Has Been Doing (and Why It’s Taken Us So Darned Long!)

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In case you are wondering if we have been sitting on our behinds for months after our official launch, rest assured: we haven’t. We have been working non-stop to bring you the promised goods: the only platform that gives real estate investors direct access to projects in their neighborhoods (or elsewhere in the US). The middleman is dead (well, not really, but at least we have rendered him optional).

Photo by Denis Jarvis.  Oh, wait. Wrong turkey!
Photo by Denis Jarvis.
Happy Thanksgiving. Oh, wait. Wrong turkey!

Next week, users will start seeing “company” profiles of our first batch of real estate entrepreneurs. These profiles will include an overview of these companies, their past projects, team members, and other useful information. Potential investors can start “following” these companies to learn about their future projects, company news, etc. Only  companies with experienced management, solid track-records, and skin in the game (or at least the financial backing of someone meeting those qualifications) will be able to list projects.

It has been an arduous process. We have interviewed more than a hundred investors and entrepreneurs to get feedback on the necessary features to create a healthy and working marketplace. This has been a daunting task. We could have simply copied what other platforms are doing successfully, but we knew all along that we wanted our platform to be different.

On the technical side, we had to write many, many lines of code to fully transition to user-generated content. For a bootstrapped startup with a small team, this has been a monumental achievement.

So, get ready for GroundBreaker 2.0 and check back soon. Many more surprises are coming and I don’t want to spoil it for you. Thanks everyone for the continued support and feedback. And a very special thanks to the outstanding faculty at the UC Berkeley (Haas) accelerator program. Their tough love has shown us the way. Happy Thanksgiving!