GroundBreaker 2.0: How it works (and how you can become the next real estate bigwig)

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We are finally here. In case you hadn’t noticed, we have introduced a number of changes to our site. We are turning the industry on its head and created the first peer-to-peer equity investment platform for real estate. It is not easy doing this when you are self-funded, but we have done it (at the cost of sleep and comfort).


The first thing that you’ll notice is a “Companies” link on the Deals Section of our site. This is a link to the profiles of the companies with which our entrepreneurs are associated.  These profiles include some basic information about these companies, their principals (the entrepreneurs, in GroundBreaker lingo), past projects, etc. Users can now connect with these companies directly and “follow” their activities and updates (yep, you guessed it: by clicking on the “follow” button).


Projects open to investment will continue to be accessible via the “discover projects” link of our homepage and will also be listed under the name of each of the companies sponsoring the same. Although users will likely hear from us (if you have not done so already, be sure to sign up!), check in often and browse the available listings, which will start showing up this month.

GroundBreaker’s Role

On occasion, when a company decides to fundraise for a project for the first time, GroundBreaker (or, most likely, a provider of due diligence services) will vet the company and the principals associated with the offering. This vetting process will include a criminal background and lien search, as well as fact-checking on the experience and track record disclosed on the company’s page. If and when we vet a company, we will include a specific mark on the relevant company page and upload a full report for users to see.

The Best for Last: Why is this so freaking awesome?

Because for the first time, anyone can directly invest in local real estate projects, and anyone can directly raise funds from his community for a real estate project. The middleman is now dead (well, at least he is optional, since a company or an investor can always choose to hire a broker or an investor, respectively).

See those cranes down the street? Yep, you can now have a piece of the action (and if you don’t, stop by the management office and tell them to come see us.)

Now, a word of caution (I can’t help it; it’s the lawyer in me.)

Just remember, GroundBreaker is not a broker, a principal, or an advisor. We don’t negotiate on behalf of investors, have any management rights, or recommend any of the investments listed on our site. We will only answer technical questions about the site and the infrastructure we provide. We get paid irrespective of an offering’s success, size, or performance. Do your homework and be diligent. Oh, and one more thing: for now, this is only for “accredited investors” who meet the income or net-worth requirements set by the SEC. (Sorry, we don’t make the rules but will do our best to find a way to expand our user base.)

Using Mark Twain’s analogy, we provide the picks and the shovels so our users can go mining or, better yet, we provide the technology and infrastructure so you can build the cities of tomorrow!

It's funny how every major milestone feels like a finish line. Yet we are just at the beginning of our journey.
I know we are just at the beginning of our journey, but it’s funny how every time we reach a major milestone, it feels like we get to a finish line.