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One of my tasks at GroundBreaker is to define and refine its positioning strategy (since my marketing background is very limited, I do this with the help of advisors and mentors, who will be introduced to the site in the coming weeks). Have you ever tried to put in writing your core personal values? Well, try doing that for your company. Trust me; it’s hard. But here’s my best shot at it (you will see a more condensed version on our site soon, so consider this a rough draft):

1. We stand for change.

Thanks to technological (e.g. internet networks) and legal (e.g. JOBS Act) developments, the time has come for disrupting real estate finance. By way of example: David has some extra money and wants to invest it in private real estate development deals in his city. Larry needs some extra equity capital for his project. Everyone would agree that there should be a way for David and Larry to find each other. Except that there isn’t. David and Larry have always found each other by luck or personal connections. There is a huge wall separating David and Larry; a huge wall made of bureaucratic red-tape and traditional financial intermediaries. GroundBreaker lets the Davids and Larrys of the world find each other and build meaningful, lasting partnerships.

2.  We stand for empowerment.

We want to empower investors so they can make their own decisions. GroundBreaker is for proactive and savvy investors, who know a good deal when they see one.  Likewise, we want to empower entrepreneurs so that they build great things, bypassing the traditional financial institutions.

3.  We stand for access.

We want to give investors access to an asset class that was previously reserved for country club members. We want to empower entrepreneurs so they can get access to capital and build great things.

The projects that usually come to our site are in the range that no institutional investor wants to touch. And not because they are bad, but because they are too small. These are the so-called “friends-and-family” deals. Only that not everyone has enough friends and family to finance multi-million dollar projects all the time. Think of GroundBreaker as an extended friends-and-family network.

4. We stand for collective action.

We believe that “the crowd” is the best judge and that it can negotiate deal terms and evaluate investments. Given the proper tools, people can get organized and tackle a problem together online, the same way they can do it physically.

Call us crazy. That’s really how we think.

GroundBreaker is tearing down the wall separating the funders from the doers. Photo by Daniel Antal
GroundBreaker is tearing down the wall that separates the funders from the doers. Photo by Daniel Antal