Kim Jong Un Chooses Pikachu (Not real estate or fundraising related)

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So you’ve been warned. This post is not about Real Estate or Fundraising. Actually it’s about Pokémon Go. Nintendo and Niantic’s latest phenomenon game.

So why am I writing about a mobile game here? To answer that let me introduce myself. My name is Edipo Cravo. I am GroundBreaker’s Director of Marketing. Pokemon Go is a very hot topic right now and I have a fresh and new angle that I haven’t seen anyone talking about before.

Pokémon Go is a GPS based game, where you move around and find places where you can collect items or battle your “pocket monsters” take over gyms. There are countless “pokestops” and “Gyms.” They are usually placed in interesting or historical locations throughout the World. As I discovered recently some of them are in some rather unlikely locations. Namely I found pokestops in Antarctica, the North Pole, Pyongyang North Korea and Havana Cuba, and right below I will share a bunch of screenshots with you.

Now you may wonder when and how are we supposed to take over a Gym in Pyongyang? Who could possibly even accomplish the feat? And how did I, a mere mortal, even get there to check it out?

Well I have good news for you, not only did I do that (and I’ll tell you how at the end of this post) but I also created a new game account where the player is named “KimJongUn84” and took over the gym in Pyongyang and placed KimJongUn84 and his trusted pal Pikachu as the fearless leaders of that gym. Yes I may have gone a bit far. Meanwhile I don’t think the Castro brothers would be as offended by the fact that I also took over the gym in Havana Cuba with an account named “TheRealCastros” and placed a Squirtle as the main Pokémon holding down the fort.

So let’s get to the fun part. Here are screenshots where I share with you the interesting pokestops and gyms I’ve found in the most unlikely places in the World.

1- Pokestops and Pokemon Go gyms: Pyongyang, North Korea
Without a doubt the unlikeliest place to have pokestops and gyms that I have found or heard of (This article about Area 51 might be more unlikely).

Grand-People's-Study-House KimJognUn84-at-Gym

2- Pokestops and Pokemon Go gyms: Havana, Cuba (and Guantanamo Bay stands empty)

TheRealCastros at Gym La Habanam Cuba - Plaza de lahomenaje A Fidel Castro Che Guevara

Guantanamo Bay has no Pokestops 🙁

Guantanamo Empty

3- Pokestops and Pokemon Go gyms: McCurdo Station, Antarctica ( basically the south pole? )

IMG_4042IMG_3989 IMG_4043

4- Pokestops and Pokemon Go gyms: North Pole, Alaska

IMG_4045IMG_4044 IMG_4047 IMG_4049

So as promised I’ll let you in on the secret of how I was able to check all of these places and place my Pokemon into gyms in Cuba and North Korea. It’s simple:

1- I used a GPS Spoofing app called AkLocationX
2- I Googled around for unlikely Ingress Portals (many of them coincide with pokestops and gyms). And found posts like this Guardian in Portal in Pyongyang, North Korea
3- I found the specific coordinates by using Google maps
4- I leveled up my accounts to be strong enough to access gyms and place a Pokemon in them.
5- I manipulated my GPS, opened the game up and took the screenshots!