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Crowdfunding: What’s Been Tried Thus Far

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This article originally appeared on Globest.com on March 31, 2014. NEW YORK CITY—Real estate “crowdfunding” websites are multiplying like rabbits. Let’s have a look at the different business models out there. Online Syndicates. The most common type of operation includes … Continued

She’s not that into you, dude

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To the man whose name may or may not be Joe, my inspiration for this article Me: “You should sign up for GroundBreaker, it’s a great way to connect directly with investors, stay in touch with them, let them know … Continued

What This Is All About

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One of my tasks at GroundBreaker is to define and refine its positioning strategy (since my marketing background is very limited, I do this with the help of advisors and mentors, who will be introduced to the site in the … Continued

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