Powerful tools to unlock more time, scale your business, and keep your lenders happy. Built for private money lenders, by private money lenders.

Raise Money More Efficiently

From professionally packaging marketing materials in your loan offerings to collecting closing documents and lender commitments through your online portal, GroundBreaker streamlines your entire process of raising money. The result?

You fund your loans in your sleep and your investors start telling their friends about how much they love your new system.

The One Click Solution

Forget smiling and dialing, emailing lenders one by one or having to use multiple systems. You can mass email a deal or group of deals to any individual or group of lenders with the click of a button through our proprietary email marketing tool.

Give Your Lenders Tools They’ll Love

Nurture your lenders from one powerful, centralized platform. With GroundBreaker’s lender reporting tools, you can spend less time managing expectations and more time delivering results.

Empower lenders with a robust dashboard that allows them to login anytime from anywhere in the world, and access real-time updates including K1s, statements, cash flow distributions and more.

Look Professional and Impress Your Lenders

Offer new and current clients a seamless experience over a clean, beautiful web portal. Show off your track record through a deals database of funded transactions

Your leads will be warmer and more likely to close and current lenders will invest with you more often.

Systems To Run Your Business For You

GroundBreaker's software system will organize your lenders, borrowers, and all documentation on one centralized platform that is easy to use

Harness the power of automated manual tasks, And unlock more time and increased productivity.

No Tech Background Required

Control data and access to information including configuring privacy and security settings For lenders, borrowers, and team members.

Create and edit deals online in real-time Upload images and videos to your site And edit your homepage, about us pages, or other pages Without writing a single line of code

Crowdfunding & Compliance

GroundBreaker’s solution is compliant with Reg D, 506 b and c, Reg S, Reg CF, Reg A+, and intrastate offerings Our team is experienced in crowdfunding From SEC disclosures, investor accreditation to required internet reporting standards our team will work with you to ensure you have a fully compliant web portal before a single lender gains access

Integrate with systems you already use

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