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Simple, fully integrated investor accreditation confirmation


Depending on which offering type sponsors use over their platform, investors will pass through an accreditation step before being allowed to invest.

Service providers vetted by GroundBreaker and other popular real estate investment platforms will conduct online verification checks using a principal-based method referred to as reasonable steps. The SEC goes further to provide a non-exclusive list of verification methods that may be used.

With each verification, GroundBreaker offers sponsors a letter of indemnification from the verification provider so that issuers remain protected.

What Our Clients Say

  • testimonial
    I would recommend GroundBreaker to any Real Estate Firm that wants to automate the sales of their equity or debt offerings.

    — Sandy MacDougall President, CrowdTrustDeed

  • Andy Williams
    As this industry continues to evolve, so must the operator. The GroundBreaker team is a true asset and integral part of operation as we scale. Its good to know they have their ear to the ground, constantly adding new features to keep us on the competitive edge and with top notch customer service and support.

    — Andy Williams Founder, Recon Realty

  • Melissa Shea
    GroundBreaker has given us the ability to increase transparency, delight our investors and keep scaling up our business. But what has impressed us the most about GroundBreaker is their team. They understand my business, show they truly care about our success, and follow through 100% often going the extra mile.

    — Melissa Shea President, Long Island Real Estate Investors Association

Real estate accreditation verificiation white label software

Groundbreaker suite of real estate investment software brings together all of the functionality you need to raise funding for your deals online. One major component is the ability to confirm an investor’s accreditation. We integrate VerifyInvestor ® or InvestReady ® directly into your platform so that investors’ accreditation can be confirmed and your SEC liabilities transferred to Verify Investor ® or InvestReady ®.

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