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Give your investors a state of the art platform


Offer your investor relations team a cutting edge platform to manage key investor relations tasks.

Know where investors are in their decision process based on a proprietary lead score.

Log notes, documents, and other information on each investor to help guide the relationship.

Dialogue with investors to drive engagement and decision making.

What Our Clients Say

  • Ryan
    GroundBreaker has enabled us to grow our business, reduce our costs, provide better service to our clients and remain at the cutting edge of the evolving world of online capital formation.

    — Scott Byron Call Director, Living Heritage Homes

  • testimonial
    I would recommend GroundBreaker to any Real Estate Firm that wants to automate the sales of their equity or debt offerings.

    — Sandy MacDougall President, CrowdTrustDeed

  • Fabian
    GroundBreaker's value extends well beyond their software. They deliver an expertise that allows our business to scale.

    — Eric Hansen Co-Founder and CEO, Commercial Funding Exchange (CFEX)

Real Estate Investor Management White Label Software

Groundbreaker is proud to offer the cutting edge of real estate investor management software as a white label platform that can be launched on your website. Your business with our software will allow you to streamline your investor management operations.

Investor tracking, communication, distributions, reporting and much more

With Groundbreaker software powering your business, all of your investor management activities are simplified and managed from one centralized platform. You can track investors to find out who deserves immediate attention, make disbursements to investors of active deals, easily provide reporting such as K-1s and cash flow statements, and quickly communicate with investors. On the other side of the table, your investors have their own investor login to access a dashboard where they have access to everything you’ve shared with them.

Don’t wait any longer. Our white label real estate investor management software will make your business more effective and keep your investors happy.

Launch in 30 days!