GGroundBreaker is a group of real estate syndicators and software technology specialists with over 70 years of combined experience building best in class systems for real estate syndicators.

GroundBreaker was just chicken-scratch on a napkin back in 2011 when we underwrote real estate investments at a growing REIT in Chicago. Preparing investment materials was cumbersome and only 5% of deals that passed initial underwriting went on to become investment decks. Of those, some materialized, many got filed away as dead deals. To handle investor relations, we cobbled together various solutions like spreadsheets, presentations, document management, file storage systems and email, managing our database and communicating with investors in a time-intensive, data-entry heavy process. There just had to be a better way, but to our surprise there wasn’t.

We believed technology would change the way we package and invest in real estate, communicate, and transact, so we set out to create a solution that would solve our own pain. We realized that investors were becoming more tech savvy, expecting a certain level of convenience from real estate investing as they now had with stock investing, so we made GroundBreaker into the most easy to use platform, providing investors with a seamless experience while making investor relations professionals more efficient in their jobs and raising the bar for reporting standards across the board.

As we look into the future, GroundBreaker is positioned at the cutting edge of where real estate meets technology. Our mission is to improve the life of the real estate deal sponsor by reducing manual work and increasing their efficiency while making the investing experience more convenient and enjoyable for investors. We value trust, security, and hospitality and see technology as an enabler to facilitate better human interactions.


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