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It’s official. The Groundbreaker team will attend and sponsor the Best Ever Conference – 2020.

What: A 2.5 day conference in Keystone Colorado. Counting on over 500 attendees in 2019. 9/10 attendees are full time real estate investors. The conference is put on by Joe Fairless, founder of Ashcroft Capital, author of The Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book, and Ben Lapidus of Spartan Investment Group.

When: Feb 20-22, 2020

Who: From our team, expect to meet Bo Bradarich – Customer Success Manager, Ed Cravo – Dir. of Marketing, and Jake Marmulstein – CEO.

Reasons to Attend

Real Estate Syndicators

You should attend if you are looking to learn and improve your real estate syndication from a group known for putting together some of the most useful content and resources on real estate syndication, then the Best Ever Conference is arguably the best conference you can attend this year. Joe Fairless, not only holds the distinction of having amassed over $800M in assets under management since he started his firm in 2009, but is also one of the most well known real estate syndicator in the World. His “The Best Ever Apartment Syndictation Book” is highly regarded amongst multifamily syndicators. Joe’s podcast boasts over 500,000 monthly downloads and the distinction of being the oldest running daily podcast on real estate investing.

Additionally, you should attend if you are looking to network with potential equity investors and other syndicators who will be in attendance at the Best Ever Conference. The team running the conference makes an IOS and Android app available, through which you can interact with attendees before, during and after the event.

Real Estate Investors (LPs)

You should attend if you are looking to learn the ins and outs of investing in real estate syndication deals and make better decisions. Additionally, if you are looking to meet more deal sponsors and gain access to more investment opportunities, there is probably no better conference to attend. The sponsors at the Best Ever Conference can be considered something of a new age sponsor. Energetic, powerful and hungry for success. These are the sponsors leading real estate syndication into the future, active online and making use of technology tools to produce outsized results for themselves and their LPs.

Service Providers

If you are a service provider to real estate syndicators of all shapes and sizes, you should attend and sponsor the Best Ever Conference. Don’t wait and get in touch with Ben immediately.

Live Updates

In this section we’ll be sharing our experience as attendees and sponsors of the Best Ever Conference. Stay tuned!