Fundraising Automation

Fundraising no longer needs to feel like herding cats. Our fundraising automation tools streamline every part of the subscription process, from publishing offerings to calling on capital.

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Fundraising Automation

Never before has there been an easier way to syndicate for commercial real estate investments. Our capital raising software streamlines every part of the subscription process from helping you get your offering documents in front of your investors, to gathering indications of interest, collecting executed subscriptions, and calling on contributions made through wire or ACH with an unprecedented level of data into investor behavior and activity tracking.

And while our real estate fundraising software supports offline investing at every stage of the subscription process, the climate has changed around online investing. With crowdfunding, digital brokerage, and robo advisors, investors are allocating online, making online fundraising for real estate possible. Our fundraising software gives you the ability to cater to any investor while making you more organized and efficient in the process.

Prepare professional investment presentations in a fraction of the time

Send personalized marketing emails to investors in a few simple steps

Remove friction from the subscription process

Why you’ll love this tool:

Time kills deals. With systems that improve team efficiency around offering document preparation, disseminating marketing materials, and collecting subscriptions, you can do more deals faster with less work.

With Groundbreaker, you get to tell your story about your deals while our capital raising software gives you data around investor activity. This data provides context so you can prioritize investor outreach and close faster.

Besides better outreach, our fundraising software reduces time spent on the phone and in your inbox. It’s more convenient for you when you can focus on other tasks while the subscriptions and contributions roll in. And for your limited partners, it’s more convenient for them to execute subscription documents electronically and transfer funds via ACH through your portal.

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