Deal Rooms

Provide your investors an organized document management system and everything they need for due diligence all under one roof.

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Deal Rooms

Stop using cobbled-together solutions to share information with your investors. When getting bombarded by different apps all day, you want things to be simple for you and for them. So, make things simple for your investors by providing everything they need to invest with you all in one place. You also make things easier on yourself by using a template to build your CRE offerings so you can eliminate the need for formatting, reduce errors, and look more professional.

Our real estate investment data rooms make it easy to share and manage all deal documents with your investors and allow them to conduct due diligence, subscribe, and invest right from the data room.

Give a professional look to your real estate offerings and provide investors a seamless experience

Spend less time and reduce errors preparing offering materials

Track deal room engagement from your investors in real-time and close faster

Why you’ll love this tool:

Sending your investors to the Groundbreaker deal room casts you in a more professional light, while making it easier for your investors to invest in your deals and manage their documents. The way we built our data room makes your job easier because you spend less time preparing and organizing information. Our software leads you through an offering memorandum template to add, remove, or change sections to fit the information you want to provide, in whatever size or shape you wish. We support tables, charts, images, maps, document sharing and videos.

When your investors see you using an institutional-grade deal room and document management system they will appreciate it. As they see your brand mature, they will become more likely to advocate for you to other investors. You will experience greater productivity using Groundbreaker investment data rooms and reduce the risk of compromising sensitive data.

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