Investor Portal

Elevate your brand and provide a better investor experience than funds with billions under management. The convenience and access your investors have begun to expect from you has finally arrived.

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Investor Portal

From first login, investors will get a quick update on their real estate holdings and portfolio performance. Tax documents, reports, emails, distributions and contributions are all accessible in a few clicks from any computer or mobile device web browser.  

Having an investor portal is no longer just a tool in your arsenal to attract and retain top real estate investors, it’s a necessity. But with anything you put in front of your investors, your firm’s reputation is on the line, so rolling out a new tool has to be well planned and executed.   

Groundbreaker delivers an intuitive and simple LP portal experience supported by a team that makes onboarding quick and painless. We import your historical and currently active portfolio data and provide materials for you and your investors to get up to speed quickly upon launch.

Enable investors to self-service their accounts and track portfolio performance

Give investors easy access to prior reports and transactions via a single login

Easily and securely deliver tax forms and other sensitive information

Why you’ll love this tool:

When you give your investors an experience that they expect from a Fortune 500, it reflects your maturity and professionalism as a firm. With our investor portal software, you promote and enhance your brand at every investor interaction, even outdoing internally built portals offered by the biggest CRE investment firms.

Investors bank and manage their stock investments online and are coming to expect more accessibility on their devices. With our LP portal technology, you can keep up with the times and offer a better investor experience.

CRE sponsors that impress investors will have a competitive edge over those that do not upgrade their systems, and will overtime capture more business and fare better when funding gets more difficult to access. A modern, easy to use private portal is the answer to attracting and retaining happy investors for the long haul.

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