Syndicate with
unprecedented ease.

Software to automate real estate fundraising, investment management, and investor relations.
Because when your firm runs better, your investors feel it!

Investor Portal

Everything your investors ever wanted from you behind one secure login. Simple, yet powerful, our intuitively designed investor portal delivers on investor satisfaction.

  • Provide 24/7 access to investment updates and distribution tracking
  • Simplify investor relations by providing one place for information
  • Cut down on one-off investor requests and get more time back in your day
Groundbreaker Investor Portal Illustration

Fundraising Automation

There’s now a better way to syndicate private placements. Groundbreaker gives you real estate syndication superpowers with a software that streamlines the entire process from creating a teaser or full OM to doing capital calls.

  • Publish and edit your offerings in real-time
  • Use data on investor behavior to focus your outreach
  • Delight your investors with a seamless investment experience


Quarterback your investor relations efforts with a CRM you’ll be comfortable living in every day. We give you the tools you need to sync up with your team on important daily tasks, notes and activities so you can tackle your responsibilities without much back and forth.

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use
  • Powerful functionality like tags, notes, email, and filters maximize productivity

Investment Management

Everything you need to manage your investment portfolios, with streamlined investment accounting, tracking of commitments, contributions, distributions, tax, and reports by investment entity and investor account from inception.

  • Organize and manage portfolio investments and funds all in one place
  • Locate records in seconds with our universal search
  • Eliminate double data entry with our integrated tools

Investor Reporting

Provide your investors with reports in real-time on asset or fund performance along with up to date metrics tracking capital commitments, return of principal, return on investment, and more.

  • Instantly generate investor or entity specific portfolio reports for certain accounts
  • Send personalized free-form email or mail merge all investors in an investment
  • Send photo and video updates on real estate projects to your investors through the portal or email

Compliance and Security


Investor accreditation questionnaire for offering access and investing qualification.

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Make offerings available publicly, privately or to a specific group of investors only.

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Automated KYC & AML Checks on every ACH transfer.

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Data Security

Data hosted in SOC 1- (also known as SSAE 16), SOC 2-, and SOC 3-compliant data centers.

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Encryption of data in transit and at rest.

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Emails encrypted and transmitted securely via SMPTS.

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Justin Smollar - State Street Capital

We’re very pleased to have partnered with Groundbreaker on powering our real estate syndication business. Their tools have helped our team become more productive, while elevating our brand and investor experience.

  — Justin Smollar, Managing Partner at State Street Capital


Your team will have more time to focus on higher impact tasks, and your firm will be able to handle more real estate syndications and/or investors — all while boosting investor satisfaction. So, you can gain a competitive edge in your niche.


When your investors are satisfied, they re-invest, allocate more towards your deals, and do so more often. They talk about you to their network so you end up meeting more investors. Groundbreaker helps you drive down your cost of capital, retain your most valuable investors for the long run, and advance your pace of organic growth.


Our security features give you peace of mind. Prevent errors from happening in the first place by investing in a software designed from the ground up to protect your reputation and keep stakeholders’ data safe.


When it takes more than a half hour to respond to or update your investors, it’s a sign something’s not working. Firms who respond quickly to investor requests, deliver distributions and tax information on time, and still do great deals will win over time. With Groundbreaker you can finally sync communication efficiently with your team, get answers faster, and give your investors information they’ve been starting to demand from their real estate investments.

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